Thursday, June 9, 2011


I didn't realize this shirt would match so well.
of Fine Arts, that is. In Creative Writing (which always makes me think of unicorns and spiral notebooks and skulls), more specifically in Fiction and Stage & Screen. This MFA 19 years after receiving my BA in Professional Writing.

In between those two degrees I've written:

a shitload.

And I was fortunate to have had some successes here and there.

Queens didn't teach me to write, but it did push me to be a better writer. To push my voice, not alter it. And perhaps more importantly, it introduced me to a community of serious fiction writers who not only inspire me, but are just as happy to drink and laugh as they are to throw down about the craft.  (Ah, "Queens' Finest.") We'll be doing so for the next 19 years. Count on it.

That hood is just as much about those 19 years as it was about the two year program. And I'm glad I'm done with both. This was and is a milestone that is easy to appreciate, and in writing that can be a rare thing.



  1. glad i took a moment to take this pic. cant wait for you to see the 'flying david' on the dvd i sent!

  2. Yeah, I hate saying "creative writing" it makes me think of safety scissors and poems about snow.

  3. Hobie, no shit. At least my undergrad program was "Professional Writing." At least that smacks of suits and mob hits.