Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Digital Americana Magazine

Howdy folks:

If you're not reading this digital magazine you should. It's chock full of great writing, essays, design, and cultural (pop) touchstones. It's the one mag you should have on your iPad. And for you tactile peeps, you can even order a print copy. Which I am certain to do.

The Digital Americana Magazine

I first met Tony, the editor/founder/publisher/multi-hyphenate at a bar in Charlotte. I won't give you the preamble as it's kinda boring, but we struck up a nice conversation. I'd seen his magazine, he saw my reading of FOUNTAIN at Queens and now I'm, at least for this issue, a contributing writer.

I've got a nice little essay/piece called POST MFA, that gives you some insight into approaching an MFA writing program, some friendly advice on keeping your eye on that prize and then a nice excerpt of my book. But that ain't all folks. This is their huge summer issue. 100+ pages of the good stuff.

The Digital Americana Magazine

I can be a sumbitch critic and mean drunk when it comes to these matters, cuz, shit, this stuff is important. So let me say, regardless of being included in this project, it's one I would have followed and will follow. And I'm proud to be a part of it. Heh.

Check it out.

The Digital Americana Magazine

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