The DSH Meta Bio

David Scott Hay is an award-winning Chicago playwright and screenwriter. He has been hailed by the Chicago Sun-Times as a new generation Albee-Mamet-Shepard. (hailed is a strong word, but it was a very nice review of one of my plays.)

His screenplay adaptation of his play HARD SCRAMBLED won Creative Screenwriting Magazine's New Visions Filmmaking Fellowship enabling him to direct the feature film starring Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show, ROBOCOP). (this is true and if you're a ROBOCOP fan, I had an out of body experience listening to the "bitches leave" story. you can get your copy of HARD SCRAMBLED on Amazon from someone second hand for $200. or you can wait until this summer and get it on Amazon for much, much less.)

The film premiered at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival (2006) and went on to win Best Dramatic Feature at the Garden State Film Festival. (great night. previous night was even better. rockabilly at Asbury Lanes.)

His follow-up screenplay, AWOL BLUES, recently placed in the Nicholl Fellowship and BlueCat quarterfinals. He is currently working on next season's Civil Rights play THE MARKER with David Barr III and Glen Jeffers. Movie projects in development include STAR, and STRAIGHT RAZOR JAZZ. (all true. STAR is in its infancy. SRJ is one of those projects where the phone could ring any second with another false alarm and has. we hold out hope.)

Critically acclaimed plays include HARD SCRAMBLED, CELESTE, [THE] VIOLENT SEX, and KILLING LUCIFER. (collections coming soon.)

David was also the co-founder and Literary Director for the Chicago theatre company Visions & Voices where he co-produced the break-out hits ACCIDENTAL RAPTURE and VINTAGE RED & THE DUST OF THE ROAD. (yes, indeed. amazing scripts, amazing productions. and then...)

He's twice served as a Playwright in Residence at the world renowned William Inge Center for the Arts, and is a annual guest lecturer at the Newberry Library (except this year, durn it). Currently, he is a Resident Playwright at the Warrior Arts Studio. (an amazing and transformative project. support our vets.)

He is not nearly as pretentious as this bio makes him sound. (most days)

He lost the tip of a finger in chop-saw incident. (buy me a beer and you'll get that story in person.)

He loves you very much.