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Praise for FOUNTAIN:

"Darkly funny... a howling success!" - Pinckney Benedict, MIRACLE BOY AND OTHER STORIES

"Smart, inventive, and accomplished." - Naeem Murr, THE PERFECT MAN

"David Scott Hay has done a something incredible - an artful book about an arty subject that doesn't drop into pretension. 

'Fountain' is an affecting story about tough, interesting people who hold beauty up like Achilles' shield against a very real, very bitter, and oddly funny world. 

A must for fans of sharp tongues and sharp writing." - Darren Callahan, The White Airplane & Horror Academy: Two Plays

A postmodern satire for the fans of Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut and Thomas Pynchon. 

In a kiddie art exhibit two masterpiece works of art are created in the span of forty-five minutes; one by Timmy O' Donnell, a 10 year old sociopath and one by Tabby Masterson, a 62 year old Midwestern widow, forever changing the lives of the artists and witnesses.

The source of their inspiration is soon revealed to be a drinking fountain on the third floor of a Museum of Contemporary Art, which grants the ability to create one artistic masterpiece. Fame and fortune await...

But shortly thereafter you just might die.

It's your life versus your legacy. How bad do you want either?

Fountain follows four characters caught in the shockwaves:

Jasper P. Duckworth, an art critic and failed playwright, who wants to champion the fountain.
Ross Robards, a successful TV show artist and burnout, who wants to stop the fountain.
B, a middle-aged underground artist, always on the verge of a big break. Will he drink?
Jawbone, B's rival, a talented, but self-destructive underground artist. Will she drink?

For anyone that's ever had a creative idea, urge, or just wanted to call bullshit on something hanging in a museum.
For anyone that's sacrificed blood to the muses.
For anyone that thought I could do that.
For anyone who's said they want a revolution.

A story that stretches from Chicago to Mars.

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