Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you found your way to this blog by purchasing CLONING CHRIST: THE SECOND BOOK OF DANIEL from Arson Books off Amazon, I thank you. I believe it's a fun read.

"CLONING CHRIST heralds a mercurial new talent to the page! Quirky, riveting, hilarious, disturbing, and unclassifiable (in the best sense). It is a page-turner that is at once magically realistic and completely allegorical. If Christ were cloned, as is the central conceit here, he would enjoy the hell out of this book." - Jay Bonansinga, National Bestselling Author of PINKERTON'S WAR, PERFECT VICTIM, and co-author of THE WALKING DEAD TRILOGY.

And if you made it far enough you may have come across the preview for FOUNTAIN. I consider FOUNTAIN to be my best work. The feedback has been tremendous from both my peers and colleagues. Initally, the response from the publishing world was divided into two camps: 1) I don't get it. 2) Brilliant. But pass.

Until Arson Books. More about those crazy guys later.

FOUNTAIN should be released this coming weekend on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. And if all goes well, a paperback version later this year.

At right is a mock up of the cover. It plays more to the satirical nature of the book. Another version which I'll post when completed plays more to the literary version. Regardless of slant, the word on the street is the book is funny. Which I guess means I've hit the funny bone. I've also heard it's haunting. (This from a best-selling author who hasn't released her official blurb to me yet). But I've gotten other very gracious and flattering blurbs from some very talented other writers, including this one from Darren Callahan who seems to sum it up best:

"David Scott Hay has done a something incredible - an artful book about an arty subject that doesn't drop into pretension. 'Fountain' is an affecting story about tough, interesting people who hold beauty up like Achilles' shield against a very real, very bitter, and oddly funny world. A must for fans of sharp tongues and sharp writing." -- Darren Callahan, "The White Airplane and Horror Academy: Two Plays by Darren Callahan"

But until then enjoy CLONING CHRIST: THE SECOND BOOK OF DANIEL. I consider it an early work/boot leg demo, but still a good read and a journal of what my thoughts and interests were at the time. Feel free to tell me what yours are at I'd love to hear from you.  
And if you haven't downloaded a copy, you can do so here:  CLONING CHRIST: THE SECOND BOOK OF DANIEL . There's a little extra preview in the back for another project.

So, thanks for taking a peek. I'll be posting more about this new venture as well as some other exciting things. That is, if we survive the end of the world this Saturday.


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