Saturday, July 23, 2011

Proud to be a Geek - Notes on Why I Love Geeks.


"Ask what if...?" 
Not, "why?"

Believe in redemption.
Believe in bloody retribution.

Have a child-like sense of wonder.
But are in touch with their inner criminal.

Have traveled to worlds others only scoff at.
Understand humanity a bit better.
Look up, instead of down.

Are voracious readers and watchers.
Have a wicked sense of humor.

Know smart is sexy.

Wear black.
Mock folks wearing black.
Look good in black.

Feelings are easily hurt.
Don't care what you think.

Know the true spirit of community.
Have loaded Kindles.
Have tattoos based on obscure, but non-hipster references.

Write the books you love.
Respect the source material.
Make the movies you really like.

Designed the device/computer you're reading this on.
Have a secret special skill.

Got us to the moon.
Will get us to Mars.

Are passionate
Are Seekers.
Are cool.

Proud to be a  geek, 

David Scott Hay is the former owner of Zonk! Comic & Cool Stuff.

In addition, he is the author of the postmodern literary novel FOUNTAIN*  as well as two genre books Cloning Christ and FALL: The Last Testament of Lucifer Morningstar as DS Hay (clever, huh?).

The writer/director for the award-winning indie feature Hard Scrambled (click here for a funny post about HS).

He is also a Contributing Editor for Digital Americana Magazine.

And is currently co-authoring the Civil Rights play THE MARKER with David Barr III and Glen Jeffers, slated to premiere Feb 2012.

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